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Founded in 2018, Tiansheng International Strategic Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in geopolitics and international economy & trade. Established for more than three years though, our company has a team of talents with diverse background and rich experience in international affairs consulting, and our partners have more than ten years of consulting experience. With diverse information resources of Indo-Pacific, Europe and North America, Tiansheng Strategic Consulting has a comprehensive grasp of the political and economic characteristics of each country, so as to study the foreign policies from the cultural properties and deliver consulting services on international trade affairs. No matter it is political strategy consulting or international trade consulting, our company is able to provide appropriate resources and intelligence support to our clients.

Our Mision

Identify the Cultural Characteristics
Focus on Politics and Economics
Leverage the Benefits of Global Talents
Promote Friendly Coexistence for All Countries
Promote Economic Prosperity for All Countries

Our Vision

Attracting global talents, our company provides professional top-notch consulting services from an international perspective to solve clients’ problems.

Our Growth

Professional people do professional things. Delivering consulting services requires systematic methods. With a team of world-class talents, our company allocates global resources and delivers international professional services. From the strategy to the implementation, our company regards every project as integrally linked and optimizes the details constantly till the end.

Our Services

What We Do

Information Support

An integrated information environment is a prerequisite for professional consulting. We provide professional analytical reports about international politics and economics, with deep understanding of the political dynamics and economic trends of the major countries in the world, especially the United States, China, and the EU countries. The talent team in our company grasps the consistent patterns of the global political economy after the accurate analysis of the current political and economic instruments in major global economies. At the same time, we keep a close eye on the key changes in international relations, such as the possible impact of Biden presidency on international political economy, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international trade, etc.

International Trade

Politics stems from culture, which in turn affects the economy. It is our philosophy and attitude to provide sustainable and reliable international political consulting services based on the characteristics of each country’s culture and the patterns of international politics. We focus on the political relations between the major powers without ignoring the influential changes in the political sphere of each country itself. Particular attention is paid to the political tactics adopted by the United States government to preserve and strengthen its international position. It is also our business priority that, how China, as the world’s second largest economy at the stage of rapid development, handles the relationship with the United States and other major powers, as well as China’s attitude toward the neighboring countries.

International Politics

In order to provide better international trade consulting services, our company grasps the trade strategy of major countries based on international relations and follows the influential economic activities of each economy. With rich experience, our company accurately seizes the international economic trends. The team in our company exhibits a high level of professional integrity and responsibility to tailor investment strategies for our clients based on authentic information. Moreover, our company will constantly improve and revise the strategies according to specific situations in order to adapt to international economic trends, thus providing customized consulting services for our clients.

Consulting Services

Our principle is to provide consulting services from an international perspective. There is a team of top-notch consulting service talents in our company to provide top-notch intellectual consulting services. Regarding international relations consulting, we identify the political characteristics of each country based on the history, and figure out the purpose and method of each country in international activities, thus delivering a research report with accurate predictions related to the country in a certain international activity. Based on the economic policies of the related countries and the needs of the nationals, we meet the needs of our clients with lower costs and higher efficiency on the premise of respecting the economic policies, so as to achieve enterprise development in the fierce international trade competition.

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Why Choose Us

There are first-class professionals in our team. Many team members have more than ten years of consulting experience in international affairs and international trade, and have a proven track record of success in more than 200 projects. With outstanding achievements and rich experience, they exhibit a high level of professional integrity and responsibility.

With Rich Experience
With Professional Integrity
With One-Stop Services
With Customized Consulting
Dedicated Team

Our Expert Advisor

Mei Cheng

Our partner Mei Cheng graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in International Relations, and went Fudan University in China for further study. Mei Cheng exhibits a high level of professional integrity in international political consulting for more than ten years, with rich experience in government departments and international enterprises in Singapore, Japan and China.

Li Mingzhe

Our partner Li Mingzhe obtained a bachelor’s degree from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, a master’s degree from the National University of Singapore, and a doctoral degree in international economics and trade from Harvard University. After graduation, he has worked in several well-known international consulting companies, with diverse knowledge and experience in international trade consulting.

Huang Lin

Our partner Huang Lin specializes in information research and analysis regarding international politics and economy, providing comprehensive and systematic information support for our company.

Our Value

Our Value

Consulting Services

Strategy consulting is a systematic and specialized work, which requires insight into the key issues and the practical solutions, and moreover, requires systematic knowledge to provide specialized services. Specifically, in addition to the knowledge of international relations and international economics, the knowledge of psychology, sociology, culture, philosophy, law and other cross-disciplinary disciplines is also required. It is also important to understand the local customs, cultural characteristics, and psychosocial and behavioral characteristics of each country.

China-U.S. Relations

It is not only the conflict of interests between an existing great power and an emerging power, but also the ideological difference, that triggers China-U.S. relations. There is an enormous ideological difference between China and the U.S. on the understanding of the society or even the words. China and the U.S. hold different positions on the future world landscape, and there are different understandings of capitalism and socialism. There are state-owned enterprises in China, which are considered by the U.S. to be destructive to the market. There many individual liberals in American society, while collectivism dominates in Chinese society. To sum up, when it comes to international conflicts and contradictions, one should keep a close eye not only on the conflict of interests but also on the ideological difference, which both should be taken into account when conducting the analysis and proposing solutions, so as to solve the problem comprehensively and effectively.